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Report Graffiti

Graffiti Removal off glass

We can remove a wide variety of graffiti on glass, also bricks, concrete, stucco, ECT. Scratches caused by sharp objects such as rocks, glass, razor blades, knives, etching acid, ECT. This process is usually half the price of complete replacement of the affected area. WALKERS WINDOWS will travel anywhere in the U.S.A. if the job is large enough.


We offer a clear film that protects mirrors and glass windows 99% of the time from being scratched by vandals or pets. This is a great solution for commercial properties and also home owners with large pets. This is also great for property owners who rent their homes or space to renters with pets who will scratch large glass sliding doors or low windows. This is the most cost effective preventative measure for large store fronts and businesses. This film is easily replaced if tagged or damaged, and does not require removal of windows or window frames. This is a faster and simple routine that will save you money. Some tags today are done with acid etching, this film is immune to such chemicals.

Graffiti Removal off of glass TV News

Graffiti Removal off of glass TV News

Graffiti Removal on TV NEWS

Graffiti Removal on TV NEWS



The graffiti vandals in America cost retailers $600 million annually in the replacement costs alone for scratched glass. Walkers Windows however has an easier and far cheaper solution to the problems those vandals cause. We can actually remove scratches from glass (we are one of the few in America who can do this) and by the graffiti protection film we use, this combination cuts down costs tremendously for those retailers. Graffiti causes numerous problems within communities such as property value decreases and the quality of life within a community also goes down hill. When graffiti is immediately removed though, it helps prevent the competing “taggers” from adding more damage to the property. A well-kept and clean property can promote livability, community appearance as well as public safety.

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