Bird Control
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Bird Control

Bird Control

Ideal for ledges, pipes, chimneys, etc. Non-sharpened spikes gently deter birds. UV stabilized polycarbonate and stainless steel. One-foot lengths glue

Bird-Flite Spikes are ideal for ledges, parapets, signs, beams, pipes,
chimneys, cut-outs, security cameras, lights, etc. They are effective
against pigeons and larger birds. They are made from stainless steel and
polycarbonate. Glue the base to the surface using Bird Barrier BondDura-Spike is made entirely of Stainless Steel. The base can be cut easily
with snips or shears. It curves gently or takes hard bends to conform to the
building’s features.

Use for Bird Coil Clips, Bird wire, Bird-Flite, Bird-Shock, Daddi Long legs. An exceptionally strong, but flexible, adhesive. It handles dramatic temperature changes without cracking and adheres Bird Barrier products to most surfaces. For best results the mounting surface must be dry, completely clean and prepped. Full cure is in 24 hours at normal temperatures, but under some circumstances it can be usable in as little as four hours.

Like putting up an invisible wall. Almost invisible when installed correctly. Hardware systems for all surfaces. Adapts to most architectural

Bird Shock Flex-Track conditions birds to stay away permanently. It is ideal for any surface (flat or curved) where total exclusion and low visibility are
key; roof peaks, parapets, beams, ledges etc. It is effective against all bird species and all pressure levels. Made from UV stabilized PVC and stainless
steel, Flex-Track will be on the job for many years.
12v. Solar Charger
Up to 300 ft of track

120v. Charger
Up to 500 ft of track

120v. Charger
Up to 2,500 ft of track

12v. Solar Charger
Up to 1,000 ft of track 

Bird Coil
Daddi Long Legs

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