Glass Protection
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Glass Protection

Like other parts of a building, glass ages from exposure to sun and other pollutants. More importantly after chemical cleaning, the glass can be even more susceptible to these conditions. Fortunately, glass can be protected with liquids that are applied almost like car wax (you may be familiar with Rain-X on car windshields). Building owners need to understand that the life expectancy of their glass can be greatly extended if the glass is protected.

This ultra thin polymer coating makes glass, ceramic, porcelain and other surfaces remarkably water, soil and stain repellent.

Creates a hard surface liquid coating.

Bonds to microscopic pores and forms an optically clear protective shield

Protects glass from mineral run off and hard water deposits

Repels waterborne dirt and pollutants from adhering to glass

Works on glass, plastics, polished metals and natural marble.

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