Storefront Graffiti
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Storefront Graffiti
Storefront Graffiti

Storefront Graffiti

Glass Graffiti Removal…

How To Get Rid Of Window Vandalism Worries For Good!

Glass graffiti removal is smart business. It encourages your potential customer to enter your store. Why? Because it is ugly gang graffiti on your store windows that signals dangerous street gang activity near your business. Instead glass graffiti removal says that your store is a safe place to enter and do business in. And that’s a critical message to send out today.

In Days Like These, Can You Afford To Let Gang Graffiti Scare Your Clientele Away?

With flash mob robberies on the rise, glass graffiti removal and graffiti prevention services have become more than smart business. They’ve become an indispensable investment in your business brand and goodwill.
Can you afford people passing by your store thinking that they’re at risk of getting assaulted, when instead they can do business with your competitor who has no storefront window graffiti?
Gang graffiti is the newspaper, the bulletin board of street gangs. It carries meaning understood by criminals. It defines territorial boundaries. It shouts loud and clear visual challenges and threats to rival gang members.

Gang graffiti says “This turf and everything in it belongs to my gang. Don’t mess with us!”

Like feral cats, gang bangers move from block to block spraying on walls, windows, doors, tagging their domain of control. Tolerate graffiti and you’ve opened yourself to having to pay protection money someday, when the gang is big enough to keep you from running your own business on “its turf” without permission.

Fight This Criminal Encroachment Using Glass Graffiti Removal

Broken Window Syndrome results from leaving vandalized storefronts unrepaired. glass graffiti removalSince gang graffiti signals that no one cares about visible damage, it encourages further property destruction, because greater damage seems like it won’t hurt anybody.

But a proliferation of graffiti in your storefront block hurts business – your business!

Still what a terror it is for a small business to replace scratched or acid ruined windows!

In Reno NV, the cost of glass replacement averages $25 per square foot for tempered glass and $20 per square foot for annealed glass.

That means that just 1 single 10×6 foot storefront window can cost you between $1,200 to $1,500 plus installation, plus damaged glass disposal, plus downtime while the glass gets removed, plus the likelihood that those brand new windows will get vandalized yet again!

What if you have 2 or more windows ruined by gang graffiti? That’s a lot of damage for a small business! Can you afford $10,000, $15,000, $20,000 in glass graffiti removal by replacing your windows, plus all the other expenses and risk of renewed damage?

Hardly, you might say.

But what then is the price of leaving your windows blighted? I’ll tell you. More vandalism. Fewer customers. Less business.

Can you afford that?

You’ve got to fight graffiti, especially as crime rates increase around your block. Glass graffiti removal and graffiti prevention are your weapons.

Now Affordability, Versatility And Risk Mitigation Join Forces To Fight Against Gang Graffiti

Remove scratches for a fraction of the cost of replacing your entire window. Why throw away good glass when only some of it is damaged?

Call me today and let me set up an appointment to come by your shop to complete a glass graffiti removal project without the hassles of replacing your entire window at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay for glass removal. My system works with your damaged glass to restore it back to a smooth and clear condition, leaving it like new (775)827-3483.

  • You don’t need to clear your displays or block aisles for your customers’ safety while I work.
  • You don’t need to risk glass shattering all over your floor, if a window slips.
  • You don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars buying new and massive replacement windows.

I repair your glass from the outside of your store and work only where the scratch is located. It’s business as usual for you while I polish down your windows to a smooth and flawless finish.

In a few hours we’re all done. Your store area stays clean and tidy, and your old, damaged windows end up looking new for just a tiny fraction of what you would have paid someone else to replace them!

Ask me about anti-graffiti film, which may be applied after repairing your window. It’s a tough yet clear protective barrier against scratches and damaging sprays.


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