Glass Clearing Authorization and Release
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Glass Clearing Authorization and Release

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Glass Clearing Authorization and Release


 The undersigned building owner/manager acknowledges and agrees as follows:

 1. Corroded Windows: I have been informed that some or all of the glass panes on the building located at ___________________________________________________________________are corroded and /or hazed to the point that conventional cleaning methods and products as provided by professional window cleaners cannot clear the windows adequately, Further, I understand that this corrosion may have damaged the surface of the glass significantly and if so, the glass may have to be replaced.

2. Special Clearing Agents: I have also been informed that there are special glass clearing agents, which may restore clarity to the windows. These products may contain specialized acids and polishes that are designed to be far more active than conventional window cleaning products. If the corrosion has not progressed to cause significant damage to the window's surface, these special clearing agents should restore most or all of the window clarity and eliminate the need to replace all the windows. In some cases, however, the damaged condition of the glass may not be restored, or in some rare cases, may appear worse after application of the special clearing agents.

3. Risks of Special Clearing Agents: There is no guarantee that the special clearing agents will restore any or all of the windows. Replacement will be required to restore any window that is too damaged for the special clearing agents. In some locations, the special clearing agents may clear some, but not all the panes.

 4. Authorization: On the basis of the forgoing understanding and information, I hereby authorize _________________________________________________________________to use special clearing agents in an attempt to restore the clarity to the affected windows.

 5. Release and Indemnity: I agree no to make any claim arising from or in connection with the use of or application of the special clearing agents, and I further agree to indemnify, defend and hold _____________________________________________________________________harmless  and the manufacturer of any special clearing agent from and against any claims for damage to real or personal property that may arise in connection with the use or application of the special clearing agents.


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